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Impregnation Protective For Clothes And Shoes Dolphin-S; 250 ml

  • 250 uah

The innovative protective agent for shoes and clothes "Dolphin-C" with the content of nanoparticles


The innovative protective agent for shoes and clothes "Dolphin-C" with the content of nanoparticles, which creates a protective shell that does not allow water, salt, snow, oil and other pollutants to settle on the surface of your shoes and clothes. The coating does not change the appearance, color and other properties of the processed material. It does not block the air circulation in shoes and clothes, so the body can breathe freely. Drops roll off the treated fabric, “like water off a duck” in the literal sense.

What is important, the coating is hypoallergenic and does not cause allergic reactions on the skin and by inhalation of vapors, unlike many other competing products.

Leather from nubuck and velvet acquires an updated look.

Suitable for impregnation of various porous surfaces, such as marble countertops, steps and window sills. After processing the stone countertops, contact with food on the surface is allowed, since the product is environmentally friendly.

It is applied on smooth natural and synthetic leather, suede, nubuck, any textile, fleece, wool, felt, membrane fabrics, Gore-tex shoes. It can be used to apply on bags, backpacks, raincoats, tents, fabric and leather shoes, storm and sports suits, outerwear of any type and purpose, overalls, sails, covers for cameras, etc. Use to make water-repellent products new or used and protective properties. It does not damage wooden fittings. Suitable for most porous mineral surfaces.

Important: Do not use for patent leather products!

Recommended use: shake the bottle before use. Spray onto a clean surface from a distance of 15-20 cm at least 30 minutes before going outside. Ragged skin before and after using the impregnation to ruffle with a suede brush. Natural suede and nubuck need double impregnation to achieve maximum water-repellent effect. Before re-processing, the product made of suede and nubuck is thoroughly dried.

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