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Baking stone for pizza and bread

Baking Stone for Bread and Pizza, 320х370х20mm

Baking Stone for Bread and Pizza, 320х370х20mm

The aroma of fresh bread, the taste of traditional pizzas, hardly anyone leave indifferent. It prove..

950 uah

Baking Stone for Bread and Pizza, 327х665х20mm

Baking Stone for Bread and Pizza, 327х665х20mm

Bakery stone for baking bakery products and pizza for professional and domestic purposes. Size 327x6..

1600 uah

The aroma of fresh pastries, the taste of real Italian pizza, bread, covered with a delicious crispy crust - are unlikely to leave anyone indifferent. All of these culinary delights can be prepared at home. The only question is how? But what if in the cooking process use the old way - a baking stone, as our ancestors did? However, today many professional chefs and bakers use this very method, as the most effective, correct and environmentally friendly. A situation is known when, due to uneven heating of the oven, baking on a baking sheet burns on one side, and on the other hand, remains damp. And it’s not at all the quality of the oven or the recipe for the dough. It is important to choose the right STONE FOR BAKING !

The stone is a slab of natural quartzite "Jaipur", mined in India. And for more than 5000 years, this stone, having strength and unique properties, has been used in many areas of human life, including in construction and architecture. Withstands temperatures up to 500 ° C. The secret to even baking is the porous structure of this stone, due to which the moisture in the dough is absorbed and released evenly. At the same time, millions of microscopic pores of the stone are able to maintain the necessary temperature in the oven for a long time without raising it.

In the totality of these processes, a crispy crust easily forms on the baked product.

In this case, the stone does not delaminate and does not crack and serves indefinitely.

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