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The protection and care of materials

The company "Svoy dom" presents a professional chemistry of its own production for the treatment of stone, brick, concrete products, wood and other surfaces. Quality is not inferior to European counterparts, and the cost is much cheaper. All products are a unique development of our company.
We offer:
  • STOUNKLINER cleaner for acid-resistant rock (granite, sandstone, slate ...) as well as brick and clinker. Serves for cleaning efflorescence, calcareous deposits, cement, glue residues, dirt, partially rust;
  • Protective hydrophobic impregnation "DOLPHIN ECO" DOLPHIN S "and" DOLPHIN S Wet effect "for processing vertical and horizontal surfaces of natural and artificial stone, as well as wood products.
  • Nano-impregnation of deep penetration “LOTOS” with a drop effect that does not change the color and texture of the surface.
  • 3-in-1 silicone polish “DOLPHIN P” for cleaning, protecting and enhancing the color of various surfaces of natural and artificial stone, wooden furniture and plastic.
  • Wax polish for a stone and a tree "DOLPHIN W"
  • Impregnation "DOLPHIN WITH CLOTHES AND SHOES" to protect clothes and shoes, as well as woven materials.
  • Silicone varnish “DOLPHIN K” with a wet effect for long-term protection of horizontal and vertical surfaces of natural stone, concrete, wood and metal.

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