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SHATTL Standard

Ceramic Thermo Insulation Coating SHATTL Standard, 1L

Ceramic Thermo Insulation Coating SHATTL Standard, 1L

A series of "Standard" is an economical option for solving many problems of thermal insulation of ma..

200 uah

Ceramic Thermo Insulation Coating SHATTL Standard, 3L

Ceramic Thermo Insulation Coating SHATTL Standard, 3L

A series of "Standard" is an economical option for solving many problems of thermal insulation of ma..

550 uah

Ceramic Thermo Insulation Coating SHATTL Standard, 10L

Ceramic Thermo Insulation Coating SHATTL Standard, 10L

A series of "Standard" is an economical option for solving many problems of thermal insulation of ma..

1600 uah

It is a liquid pasty mass of light gray color, consisting of hollow ceramic microspheres filled with an inert gas, up to 80 microns in size and a binder consisting of a structured latex copolymer, dispersed polysiloxane and other components.

Coating properties

  1. Thermal insulation - provides additional thermal insulation properties, protects all known types of thermal insulation, preserving their characteristics and prolonging the service life.
  2. Waterproofing - water absorption of 1.8%, the coefficient of surface absorption (kg / m 2 h) is not more than 0.001 i.e. does not let moisture in and is not a vapor barrier (the wall "breathes"). It creates the effect of draining the walls, in which the "dew point" is always on the outer surface.
  3. Soundproofing - reduces noise.
  4. Anticorrosion - does not allow corrosion of metals, as it does not allow moisture to pass through.
  5. Antifungal coating - prevents the development of fungal mold and destroys the existing mycelium.
  6. Thermal mirror - reflects thermal radiation. In the summer, up to 95% of the solar radiation reflects outdoors, in the winter up to 50% of the thermal radiation reflects inside the room.
  7. Heat resistance of the coating up to 260 о С for modification “Standard”.
  8. Possibility of coating in hard to reach places and on difficult surfaces .
  9. Adhesion to almost all building materials and structures.
  10. Ease of work . Application by brush, roller, spatula, spray.
  11. Use as a finish coating with tinting according to the RAL system.
  12. The durability of the coating. Manufacturer's warranty for 10 years!

Shattl coating has 4 modifications: Standard, Thermo, Premium W and Premium WS

1. “Shattl Standard” - has standard characteristics indicated in the tables below. The color is light gray with the ability to tint. Heat resistance up to 260 о С.

2. “Shattl Thermo” - has improved thermal stability and is used where it is necessary to work at high temperatures up to 400  о С. Dark gray color. 

3. "Shattl Premium W" - has improved thermal insulation and reflective properties. The product is the latest generation of liquid thermal insulation and has no analogues in Ukraine! The color is white, with the possibility of accurate tinting according to the RAL system and CIS.

4. “Shattl Premium WS” - a paste-like coating with a thicker consistency, similar to that of putty plasters. Apply a thicker layer with a spatula or brush. It is convenient for drawing on various surfaces where drawing at once several thick layers is required. The coating has adhesion to all existing materials, excellent elasticity, and the ability to add color. It can be used for sealing small joints and cracks on mineral surfaces, as a plaster as well as a decorative layer on facades and in interiors, as thermal insulation of cold and hot water pipes, etc.

The issue of energy savings has long become global. In this regard, regulatory requirements in the field of construction for thermal insulation are constantly growing. The simplest solution may be to increase the thickness of the insulation, however, this method will increase the consumption of materials and money costs.

Liquid thermal insulation coating, SHATTL thermal paint has several advantages compared to other types of protective coatings. First of all, the coating is intended for heat, hydro, noise insulation of industrial and municipal facilities, in addition, it protects metal structures of any size from corrosion. In addition, it is an environmentally friendly product.
Ease of application, the possibility of obtaining a coating of any color at the request of the customer, and most importantly, the relative cheapness of the product - these are the main characteristics of the system. The coating copes with the insulation of both internal and external surfaces of the building, vehicles, foundation.
The initial state of the product: a suspension of light gray for the modification of " Standard" , white for "Premium W ” and dark gray for the Thermo modification . After polymerization, it forms an elastic strong film, the thickness of which can vary from 1 to 3 mm., Based on the requirements for a particular object.

In addition to the above advantages, the product has excellent adhesion to almost all building and construction materials.


1. Industrial and civil engineering

  • Walls, foundations, socles, ceilings, roofs of residential and industrial buildings and structures;
  • Warming and hydrobarrier of seams in panel buildings;
  • Metal hangars, garages, storage rooms, crane beams;
  • Bridges, tunnels (provides waterproofing, significantly reduces freezing and corrosion);
  • Boiler equipment, pipelines of heating and water supply systems, shut-off valves, (prevention of heating in summer, lack of condensation at the dew point)
  • Gas pipelines, steam pipelines, heat exchangers;
  • Ducts, ventilation systems.

2. Chemical and oil refining industry

  • Oil pipelines, gas pipelines;
  • Tanks, tanks for storage and transportation of petroleum products, rapidly flammable liquids, chemicals (reduction of heating, evaporation, increase in filling).

3. Transport and shipbuilding

  • Coating of bodies, bottoms of vehicles, refrigerated trucks, tanks, containers, railway wagons, hulls of sea and river vessels, boats.

4. Food and agriculture

  • Stationary refrigerators and mixing tanks;
  • Livestock farms;
  • Elevators