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Baking stone

The aroma of fresh pastries, the taste of real Italian pizza, bread covered with an appetizing crispy crust - hardly anyone will remain indifferent. All of these culinary delights can be prepared at home. The only question is how?

But what if in the process of cooking you use the old method - a stone for baking, as was done in ancient times for baking bread and flat cakes?!

However, today many professional chefs, bakers and pizza makers use this old-fashioned way, as the most effective, correct and environmentally friendly. A situation is known when, due to uneven heating of the oven, baking on a baking sheet on one side burns, and on the other, on the contrary, remains raw. And it's not at all about the quality of the oven or the recipe of the dough.

Here it is important to choose the right BAKING STONE!

The stone is a slab of natural quartzite of light beige, pinkish-beige or burgundy color, which has the necessary strength and withstands high temperatures. At the same time, the stone does not exfoliate or crack and serves for a long time.

The secret of even baking lies in the fine-pored structure of this stone, due to which the moisture in the dough is absorbed and released evenly. The structure of quartzite allows you to maintain the required temperature in the oven for a long time, even when you open the door to work with the dough.

Thanks to these processes, the required crisp crust is formed on the baked product and baked goods or pizza are baked evenly throughout the entire volume.

In addition, the use of this "device" is safe and environmentally friendly, since it does not contain chemical impurities and binders, which are inherent in modern artificial fireclay products, because it is a completely natural material!

Our company has been a bakery stone manufacturer for over 15 years!

We have developed a unique technology for processing baking stone, when it is not only cut and polished with chamfering, but is also calcined in stages on special equipment in order to strengthen it and screen out unusable samples.

This technology is extremely necessary for the further reliable and long-term operation of the baking stone.

We produce baking stone in standard and custom sizes:

  1. For household electric and gas ovens

  2. For professional bakery electrical equipment

  3. For wood and coal ovens, tandoors, domed pizza ovens and Pompeian ovens



To order a Standard Size Bakery Stone for household ovens, please follow the link
We make any custom sizes up to 1.2 m long, 2 to 5 cm thick in 1 cm increments, to order.

In the case of an increase in the size of the stone, more than the standard, the cost of the stone increases, which is separately negotiated with the manager of the company.

When calculating the size of the stone, it is necessary to take into account the distance (gap) between the walls of the oven (or the frame into which it is placed) and the stone, which should be at least 2 cm, for uniform heating and circulation of hot air, in order to avoid cracking of the stone!

To order a Baking Stone of Non-standard sizes, please call office phones, or write a request by e-mail, viber and telegram messengers (+380674668151)