The massage mat pebbles, 45h93 cm


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Massage mats made of natural stone (pebble).

In prehistoric times, our ancestors went barefoot. Because of this, they run fast, were more endurance than many of today’s athletes and can travel great distances on foot. From ancient times to the present day in Japan morning jog on the pebble beach, it is the prevention and treatment of many diseases, through natural foot massage and active acupuncture points on it. And it’s no wonder, people who often go barefoot, do not know what a flat and many diseases. Muscles and bones of the foot reinforced. There is a kind of self-massage. Especially great benefits of walking on natural stone pebbles barefoot. In the conditions of modern civilization, our legs and feet in particular are accustomed to comfort and shoes, sometimes not very high quality. Even at home, we prefer cozy soft slippers. You do not think about the benefits of walking barefoot, and in fact there is a simple and affordable way to massage the still special mat made of natural stone pebbles. You will feel the effect in just a few days of training on this rug. It is recommended to deal with on a daily basis for 10-20 minutes a day, at any time of the day. Especially useful foot massage in the morning.

Effects of massage stop using pebble rug:

1. Strengthening the immune system and the body's resistance to colds and disease in general;

2. Prevention and treatment of flatfoot in children and adults;

3. Treatment of diseases of internal organs by acting on the active (acupuncture) points of the feet.

4. Improve blood circulation and blood pressure stabilization;

5. Strengthening of the muscles and bones of the foot, improved posture;

6. Improving the conditions of the skin;

7. Elimination of carcinogens from the human body.

In addition, our mat is made of environmentally friendly types of stone, such as sandstone, slate, quartzite, marble, traveritin and zeolite. On the properties of zeolite as a therapeutic stone can be found in the "Zeolite" on our website. The support mat made of thick linen.

Size 45h93 see rug