Protective impregnation for clothes and shoes dolphin-C; 220 ml.




Innovative protective agent for footwear and apparel “Dolphin C” containing nanoparticles, to help create a protective coating that prevents water, salt, snow, oil and other pollutants settle on the surface of your shoes and clothes. The coating does not alter the appearance, color and other properties of the treated materiala..Ne blocks the air circulation in the shoes and clothes, so that the body can breathe freely. Raindrops roll off the treated tissue, “like water off a duck.” Literally.

It is used to smooth genuine and synthetic leather, suede, nubuck, any textiles, fleece, wool, felt, membrane tissues, shoe type Gore-tex. It can be used for application on bags, backpacks, raincoats, tents, cloth and leather shoes, storm and sports suits, garments of any type and destination, clothing, sails, covers for cameras and so on. Use to give a new or used articles of water-repellent and protective properties. It does not damage the wooden fittings.

Important: Do not apply to products made of patent leather!

Directions for use: Shake before use. Spray onto a clean surface from a distance of 15-20 cm at least 30 minutes before going outside. Hairy skin before and after using impregnation ruffle suede brush. Genuine suede and nubuck need a double impregnation applied to achieve maximum water-repellent effect .Before the re-processing of the product of suede and nubuck carefully prosushivatsya.