Polymer Thermal Insulation Coating SHATTL PREMIUM, 10 L



Polymer thermo- insulation coating of new generation!  It has no analogues in Ukraine and Europe!

SHATTL - Soundproofing Hydrophobic Antifungal Thermo-insulating Thermo-resistant Liquid. 

Provides at a layer of 2-3 mm reduction of heat losses on various surfaces up to 50%.

It is used both for building and for industry.

Ecologicaly clean. Can be used both inside and outside buildings.

Has the effect of a "double thermal mirror", which in summer reduces the cost of cooling the premises, and in winter, the insulation of the premises.

Temperature resistance up to 150 ° C.

Does not have direct analogue in the middle of competing products in the World.

1.1. Industrial and civil building.
- walls (facades, basements, interiors) and floors of residential, industrial and domestic buildings;
- roofs from different materials;
- metall constructions and hangars, garages, warehouses;
- bridges (covering the bottom significantly reduces freezing, "-" corrosion);
- boilers, piping systems of heating (decrease heat loss),  pipes with hot and cold water (to prevent heat in summer, no condensation at the dew point);
- gaz pipeline, steam pipes;
- ventilation system.
1.2. Chemical and petrochemical industry.
- oil and gas pipelines ( "-" corrosion "-" heat in the summer, "-" the heat loss in the winter);
- capacity storage and transportation of petroleum products (significantly reduces heat from the sun);
- capacity storage and transportation bystrovosplamenyayuschihsya liquids, chemical reagents;
1.3. Automotive.
- сovering of the inside car interiors ( "-" corrosion, prevention of freezing in winter and heat the passenger compartment from the sun in summer);
- сovering of the bottom of motor vehicles ( "-" corrosion in t h and on the salt in the winter, "-" the heat loss in the winter..);
- the stationary cooling chambers.

1.4. Agriculture
- elevators and granaries;
- farms and hangars.