Hydrophobic Nano-Impregnator LOTUS, 10 L


Nanopropitka-water repellent "LOTUS"

It does not create effects on the surface and does not change the basic color of the material
It penetrates even small pore and polished surfaces
It prevents freezing and improves the thermal insulation properties of materials
Increases the lifetime of materials are applied
It provides long-lasting hydrophobic protection of surfaces
It provides protection against stains and various contaminants
The first hydrophobic impregnation of Ukrainian production with the use of nanotechnology

Protective colorless composition for treatment of stone, ceramic, brick, clinker, concrete, plaster and other surfaces. Also it serves as protection from the rain plastered walls vozdeystviy.Predvaritelnaya concrete protection against the possibility of the formation of carbonization. Colorless water-repellent protective treatment of historical buildings or monuments. Water-repellent with a pronounced drop effect or "lotus effect" for walls, floors, front brick and masonry protection horizontal surfaces, terraces. Usually not change color surfaces to be coated!


Colorless liquid based on silane-siloxane silicone resins in a special part of the organic solvent, designed for impregnation of absorbent porous, sanded and polished, even the materials used in construction. When applied to porous surface it penetrates deeply into the pores and capillaries, forming a water-repellent layer. It provides effective protection against aggressive atmospheric precipitation, which, when penetrating into the design can change the appearance of the surface. It does not form a film and therefore little change in water vapor permeability. It has excellent resistance to alkalis present in the cementitious materials, and ultraviolet radiation.


Water-repellent is not waterproofing basements, water reservoirs and other structures subject to water pressure!


Substrate Preparation

Before applying the surface must be cleaned from all sorts of dirt, dust, oil, paint, efflorescence, organic deposits, which can prevent the deep penetration agents. For cleaning old surfaces choice of method of treatment depends on the type of pollution. As a rule, there is enough rinse the surface with cold water. Cleaning with hot water or steam is recommended for surfaces contaminated with oils and greases. In the absence of contaminants well enough to clean the surface with a brush or cloth and remove dust with compressed air. Regardless of the means of cleaning method should be applied only on dry surfaces. "LOTUS" ready to use and therefore does not require dilution with water or solvents!

Application material

Efficacy and duration of the water repellent properties depends on the depth of penetration repelling agent. This parameter depends on the absorption properties of the impregnated material and the penetration depth of impregnation. For uniform application it is recommended to use a spray bottle with large volumes of application, as well as a roller or brush for small scope of work, or on the walls with many windows. Apply the product to the complete saturation of the surface. Typically, total impregnation enough 2-3 layers applied to about 2 hours apart. Full cure means occurs within 24 hours after application. After application on the substrate surface can not be painted. Any paint work must be carried out before applying the hydrophobizing using inorganic paints (eg silicate paints). In any case, there should be pre-tested to determine any possible color changes.


Consumption depends on the total absorption of the substrate:

Concrete: 0.15-0.30 kg / m2 in the impregnation layer.

Cement plaster: 0.25-0.60 kg / m2 for impregnation layer

Facing bricks: 0,30-1,00 kg / m2 for impregnation layer

Natural stone: 0,10-0,30 kg / m2 for impregnation layer

PACKAGING: 10 liter.

Storage: in a dry place away from heat sources and open flames.