Baskets for proofing oval Art. 200-2515 0.75 kg of dough proofing basket Oval Art. 200-2515 0.75 kg of dough



For professional and home baking bakery products we offer to purchase a special form of rattan for rastoyki test. 100% environmentally friendly. In the manufacture of the adhesive is not used, a varnish, and other materials are of natural origin.

Baskets are made by hand. Form dough is dried in special rooms, disinfected in special ovens, inspect and only after that they go on sale.

Due to the natural material and the particular form of the basket, the future bread has the ability to "breathe" and to rise evenly in height. This greatly improves the taste and golden spiral pattern on the crust of the bread, gives baked gourmet blogorodnosti.

Use these baskets unusually easy. Prepared dough in the lower basket for further expansion. When the dough is suitable, gently shift it out of the basket on the baking stone or baking, preheat the oven.

Care for the product extremely easy. After use, it requires only vytrusit remains of flour out of shape, and dry thoroughly.

Baskets can be used as a decorative element on the table-they can serve as a place for storage of bread and rolls.

Important! Rattan forms can not be used for baking in the oven together with the dough. They are intended for final recovery and formation test.

With intensive use of forms for rastoyki test, service life is 5-7 years, but they are much longer with proper care.