Baking Stone (Stone for baking), 32h37sm



The aroma of fresh bread, the taste of traditional pizzas, hardly anyone leave indifferent. It proved to praktike- best in the cooking process to use the old method of cooking on the rock. Until now, many professional bakers use it in this way, as the most efficient, correct and clean.

Known situation where due to uneven heating of the oven, baking pan on the one hand burns, and on the other, on the contrary, remains raw. And it is not as oven or formulation Test. It is important to use the STONE OVEN!

Stone is a slab of natural quartzite "JAIPUR", produced in India for over 5,000 years. With strength and unique properties, this stone is used in many spheres of human activity. It withstands temperatures up to 400 ° C!

The secret to cooking is uniform in the porous structure of the stone, through which moisture absorption test occurs and even her release. At the same time, millions of microscopic pores of stone capable of for a long time to hold the desired temperature in the oven, not increasing it. Together, these processes for baked products easily form crisp. This stone is not foliated, not crack and serves indefinitely.

It makes no difference whether you are using an electric or gas oven, oven or grill, in all cases the stone is ideal for cooking. The stone is not necessary to pre-lubricate any fat. The standard size of the stone is: 32h37 cm.

The thickness is 2 cm. The weight of about 5 kg.

It is also possible to produce according to individual sizes. Color light beige stone.