Board of Professional tempering and slicing quartzite “Red Galaxu” 300 * 600 * 10 mm



Professional cutting boards made of quartzite. Size 30 * 60 * 1 cm. The best gift for a professional pastry chef and cook!

To temper chocolate often use a cold surface of the stone. Only tempering on the smooth cold surface of quartzite makes chocolate so unique shiny and dense! Board of quartzite is simply indispensable for confectioners working with marzipan mass and putty!
Also, this stone is great for food use. Also in quartzite has several advantages over similar boards made of marble, it is much more durable, which means that the cutting board is lighter and durable. You can easily move it or take care of the cutting board. Quartzite contains small pores that fall in balances of nutrients and stained with time, so the surface of the stone, unlike marble, you can carve, fish, meat, cut greens, use products with food dyes and so on. Absolutely not afraid to spoil the surface. Quartzite can withstand high temperatures and it does not matter if you put on the surface of the heated container.

In addition to working with this chocolate to the same beautiful thing will come in handy for rolling sand, puff and puff pastry on the wrong side.
Rectangular or square cutting board made of black, chocolate or red quartzite, it will become an indispensable attribute of cooking. Board is resistant to damage and does not absorb odors, perfect for cutting meat, fish, dough and cutting of any products.
Size: 60cm x 30cm x 1cm

Possible to produce other sizes on request.


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