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Ceramic and stone carbon infrared heaters

Thermos effect when disconnected from the mains
It has a positive impact on human health
The design of the heater suitable for any environment
The service life of over 30 years

Principle of operation

Similar to the action of a stone or ceramic furnace heat accumulation and healing effect.

It provides even heat distribution, without burning oxygen and without drying air in the room.

Heaters in the interior of the KUO

KUO creates a comfortable indoor climate, it is useful to thermal radiation on human health. The appearance of the heater will perfectly complement your interior.

Comparing with traditional and other heating

Heating costs per month for an apartment м2
Thus, the "KUO Heaters" using instead
You save
329 uah. per month
The calculation was made on the treasury rates on 2016 year
Options Traditional electric heaters Ceramic heaters with metal backdrop, the type of "hybrid" Ceramic and stone heaters КИО
Power consumption 1000-3500 W 375-1000 W
220-450 W
Security Depending on the degree of protection, are relatively harmless. The risk of burns from the oil coolers due to high temperature. At the risk of metal cases of breakdown and electric shock. Sensitivity to voltage drops. Because of the high temperatures on the rear metal there is a risk of burns, especially in young children. Metal components increase the risk of electric shock and fire hazard.
It does not contain any metal parts. It eliminates the possibility of burns and electric shock. Fireproof. It withstands high voltage surges. security Degree IP67.
Comfort Dehumidification due to enhanced convection and as a consequence of his excessive dust (pollution). It does not dry out the air. The high surface temperature.
Do not dry the air, it does not burn oxygen. Ray comfortable enveloping warmth.
Ergonomics As a rule, located at specified locations strictly Usually vertical mounting on walls
Universal mounting on the wall, floor, mobile design.
Impact on Human Health Due to the excessive drying of air and oxygen burning in the room, as well as intense dust room-high risk of respiratory diseases and allergic reactions. Because of the design-enhanced electromagnetic field causing headaches and blood pressure drops and the risk of burns on the outer surfaces because of high temperatures.
Radiation uses KUO infrared spectrum, the most useful to humans and animals. The stone is converted heaters heat waves that have a positive therapeutic effect.

Buy Heater FIR in our store

К сожалению в данной категории нету такого товара. Но вы можете заказать его индивидуально по ссылке К сожалению в данной категории нету такого товара. Но вы можете заказать его индивидуально по ссылке К сожалению в данной категории нету такого товара. Но вы можете заказать его индивидуально по ссылке К сожалению в данной категории нету такого товара. Но вы можете заказать его индивидуально по ссылке К сожалению в данной категории нету такого товара. Но вы можете заказать его индивидуально по ссылке

Для того что бы увеличить электросбережение еще на 20-50% мы рекомендуем приобрести терморегулятор:

Options heater location

KIO creates a comfortable microclimate in the room, its thermal radiation is useful for human health. The appearance of the heater perfectly complements your interior. In the kit for heaters measuring 60x120 cm, there are either stone legs for floor heating, or a set of hanging brackets for wall mounting. Heaters of other sizes have built-in brackets for wall mounting, therefore a set of legs for them, if necessary, is purchased for an additional fee, as an option.
  • Underfloor on stone legs
  • Wall the bracket
  • Mobile design metal stand with wheels

10 reasons why our heaters are the best

  • 1. Energy saving - recyclable low energy consumption with high heat output.
  • 2. Safety - completely safe, fire-resistant, metal-free dielectric housing.
  • 3. Protection from burns - the average temperature on the surface of the heater does not exceed 75 C in accordance with generally accepted European standards.
  • 4. Work on the proven grandfather's method of "stone furnace" with the preservation of heat after disconnection from the network.
  • 5. Reliability - a long service life of the heater due to the lack of built-in adjustment and electronics. All adjustment is carried out on the outlet or in the "smart house" system.
  • 6. Work at large voltage drops and with low voltage in the network.
  • 7. Do not burn oxygen and do not dehumidify the air in the room, while not dusting it, due to natural convection and directed long-wave thermal radiation.
  • 8. Ability to work with alternative energy sources and low load on the network.
  • 9. Wellness healing effect, especially for KIO from natural stone. The wavelength clearly corresponds to the heat emitted by the human body.
  • 10. Innovative coating of a new generation of the rear of the heater, to increase heat dissipation on the front stone (ceramic) panel and improve heat accumulation.

Calculate cost and pick up the right heater model

with standard ceiling height

To save power and stand-alone operation of the heater, we recommend choosing a temperature controller:

Thermoregulators outlet type:

  • TR-
    on °t air in the room
  • TrW-
    on °t air in the room with a timer and time
  • TRWiFi-on °t air
    (timer program) with the functions of "smart home" on the Internet

Thermoregulators built-in type

  • ROL- mechanical
    for °t air in the room
  • VT-
    for °t air in the room
  • PRO-programmer
    with °t air with timer
  • SEN-programmer
    with °t air with timer and touch control
    on °t air (timer program) with functions "smart house" on the Internet

We will select the necessary power and the number of heaters depending on the task.

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