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Baking stone

The aroma of fresh baking, taste authentic Italian pizza, bread, covered with a delicious crispy crust – vryadly anyone indifferent. These culinary delights can be cooked at home. The only question is how? But what if in the process of preparing to use the old method – a stone baking, as did the ancestors. However, nowadays many professionalnyekulinary and hlibopekari polzuyutsya it this way, as the most efficient, correct and clean.

To at least once had to conjure over fancy cakes? There have been cases where due to uneven heating of the oven, baking pan in one hand burnt, on the other, by contrast, remains raw. And it is not as oven or recipe test. It is important to choose the right stone baking!

Stone is a slab of natural quartzite “AGRA” or “Jaipur”, produced in India. And for more than 5,000 years the stone, with its strength and unique properties, is used in many areas of human activity, especially in construction and architecture. This stone, many architectural masterpieces of ancient India survived to this day.

The secret of baking is uniform porous structure of the stone, which is due to moisture absorption test and even his release. Thus millions of microscopic stone still able to for a long time to maintain the required temperature in the oven, not increasing it. Together, these processes, which are baked crisp easily formed. This stone does not separate, crack and serves indefinitely. There is no difference whether you use electric oven, gas oven, oven or grill, in all cases the stone is ideal for cooking. Stone does not need pre-lubricated by any fat. You can use baking paper (parchment). If you wish to bake on a stone meat or fish, use allyuminiyevuyu foil dishes to add richness and unique flavor.