Viscous heat insulation coating SHUTTLE PREMIUM, 3 L



The latest development of our company which has no analogues in Ukraine on quality and insulating properties. It has pastopodobnuyu viscous consistency similar to latex coat and putty or thick paint.

Designed primarily for insulation, hydrophobic protection (partial waterproofing), as well as protection from ultraviolet civil and industrial buildings and structures. Suitable for exterior and interior surfaces. In the initial state - pasty, viscous slurry smetanopodobnaya white. Tinting in any color on request. After polymerization and curing forms a strong elastic covering whose thickness is chosen according to the requirements for the object and can be from 1 to 3 mm. It has outstanding adhesion to all common building and construction materials. It is applied to the surface of any geometrical shape. It has a lot of advantages over traditional insulating materials. Is a multi-functional, environmentally friendly, replaces the conventional finishing plaster, putty, as well as the façade and interior paints.

Basic properties:

Thermal insulation - provides additional thermal insulation properties, protects all known types of insulation, keeping their performance and prolonging lifetime.
Svetootrazhenie- heat mirror effect. In summer, up to 90% of solar radiation reflected by external walls and roof in winter to 40% of the thermal radiation reflected inside the room. Which leads to savings on air conditioning and cooling in the heat.
Hydrophobicity - 1.8% water absorption, surface absorption coefficient (kg / m2h) that is not more than 0,001 It is moisture and thus is not a vapor barrier ( "breathing" wall). It creates the effect of drying the walls, in which the "dew point" is always to be on the outer surface.
Effect drying walls. Eliminating thermal bridges and protection of materials from freezing. Removing the dew point.
Noise - reduces noise.
Anticorrosi - prevents corrosion of the metal, since it does not transmit moisture.
Anti-fungal coating - prevents the development of mildew and destroys existing mycelium.
Temperature resistance up to 150 ° coverage
The ability to cover hard to reach areas and on difficult surfaces.
The adhesion to almost all building materials and structures.
Easy implementation rabot.Nanesenie brush, roller, trowel, airless spray.
Use as a finishing coat with tinting the RAL system.
The durability of the coating. Manufacturer's warranty of 10 years!
Fields of application:

1. Industrial and civil construction.

The walls (facades, basement, basements, foundations, interiors) and floors of residential, industrial and socio-domestic buildings;
The roofs of residential, industrial and socio-domestic buildings;
Metal sheds, garages, warehouses;
Crane beams ( "-" corrosion "-" freezing "-" dew);
Bridges (covering the bottom significantly reduces freezing, "-" corrosion); Boiler equipment, piping systems of heating (decrease heat loss), hot and cold water (to prevent heat in summer, no condensation at the dew point);
Gas pipelines, steam lines;
Warming and gidrobarer joints in prefabricated buildings;
Air ducts, ventilation systems.
2. Chemical and refinery industry.

Oil and gas pipelines ( "-" corrosion "-" heat in the summer, "-" the heat loss in the winter);
Tanks for the storage and transportation of petroleum products ( "-" heating from the sun);
Containers for storage and transportation bystrovosplamenyayuschihsya liquids, chemical reagents;
3. Transport and Shipbuilding

Coverage inside saloon car ( "-" corrosion, prevention of freezing in winter and heat the passenger compartment from the sun in summer);
Coverage of bodies, heads of vehicles, refrigerated trucks, tanks, containers, w / d cars, buildings sea and river vessels, boats.
4. Food industry and agriculture

Stationary cold storage and mixing tanks;
Farm animals;