Liquid Insulation (thermal paint) SHUTTLE “Standard”, 1L




Coatings, insulating "Shuttle" designed to heat - and waterproofing of structures for industrial and domestic purposes of any form of complexity for internal and external surfaces of buildings, basements, vehicles, requiring thermo - and waterproofing. In the initial state - smetanopodobnaya liquid suspension, light gray (SHUTTLE standard) or white (SHUTTLE Premium White) color. It can be painted in any color according to the customer by means of tinting in the tinting machine or by hand. After the polymerization, forms a strong enough elastic film whose thickness (0.5 - 3.5 mm) is chosen based on the requirements of the object. Good adhesion to all common building and construction materials. Application to the surface of any geometric shape. It has advantages over conventional insulating materials, being a multi-function and replaces conventional paint for the facade or interior.

Key features include: insulation; waterproofing; insulation; anti-corrosion and anti-fungal properties; reduce heat loss up to 30-40%; elimination of thermal bridges on different materials; the effect of double-sided heat mirror (the reflection up to 95% of solar radiation); temperature resistance up to 260 ° C.

1.1. Industrial and civil construction.
-Walls (Facades, basement, basements, foundations, interiors) and floors of residential, industrial and socio-domestic buildings;
-kryshi residential, industrial and socio-domestic buildings;
-metal hangars, garages, warehouses;
-podkranovye beams ( "-" corrosion "-" freezing "-" dew);
-mosty (covering the bottom significantly reduces freezing, "-" corrosion);
-kotelnoe equipment, piping systems of heating (decrease heat loss), hot and cold water (to prevent heat in summer, no condensation at the dew point);
-gazoprovody, steam pipes;
-uteplenie and gidrobarer joints in prefabricated buildings;
air duct ventilation system.
1.2. Chemical and petrochemical industry.
-Nefteprovody, Gas pipelines ( "-" corrosion "-" heat in the summer, "-" the heat loss in the winter);
-capacity Storage and transportation of petroleum products ( "-" heating from the sun);
-capacity Storage and transportation bystrovosplamenyayuschihsya liquids, chemical reagents;
1.3. Automotive.
Covering of the inside car interiors ( "-" corrosion, prevention of freezing in winter and heat the passenger compartment from the sun in summer);
Covering of the bottom of motor vehicles ( "-" corrosion in t h and on the salt in the winter, "-" the heat loss in the winter..);
1.4. Other.
the stationary cooling chambers;
-elevatory in agriculture;
-dnischa deck and swimming facilities.