Liquid Insulation thermal paint SHUTTLE “Premium W», 1L




Basic properties:

- Insulation;

- Waterproofing;

- Thermal insulation;

- Anti-corrosion;

- Antifungal properties;

- Reduction of heat loss up to 30-40%;

- Elimination of thermal bridges on different materials;

- The effect of double-sided heat mirror (the reflection up to 96% of solar radiation);

- Temperature resistance up to 160 ° C.


1.1. Industrial and Civil Engineering
The walls (facades, basement, basements, foundations, interiors) and floors of residential, industrial and socio-domestic buildings;
Gas pipelines, steam lines, pipes for hot and cold water supply;
Roofs of residential, industrial and socio-domestic buildings;
Metal sheds, garages, warehouses;
Crane beams ( "-" corrosion "-" freezing "-" dew);
Bridges (covering the bottom significantly reduces freezing, "-" corrosion);
Boiler equipment, piping systems of heating (decrease heat loss), hot and cold water (to prevent heat in summer, no condensation at the dew point);
Warming and gidrobarer joints in prefabricated buildings;
Air ducts, ventilation systems.
1.2. Chemical and petrochemical industry
Oil and gas pipelines ( "-" corrosion "-" heat in the summer, "-" the heat loss in the winter);
Tanks for the storage and transportation of petroleum products ( "-" heating from the sun);
Containers for storage and transportation bystrovosplamenyayuschihsya liquids, chemical reagents;
1.3. Automotive
Coverage inside saloon car ( "-" corrosion, prevention of freezing in winter and heat the passenger compartment from the sun in summer);
Cover the bottom of motor vehicles ( "-" corrosion in t h and on the salt in the winter, "-" the heat loss in the winter..);
1.4. other

refrigerated trucks;
Stationary cold stores;
Elevators in agriculture;
The bottoms and deck swimming facilities.
SHUTTLE W- Premium Sound Attenuated Weatherproof thermally insulating heat-resistant latex white. Has improved properties compared with the insulation coated SHUTTLE "Standard" and other trademarks ZHKTI different manufacturers. The coating is designed for thermal insulation, partial waterproofing, thermal insulation of buildings for industrial and domestic purposes of any form of complexity for internal and external surfaces of buildings, basements, vehicles, etc .. In the initial state - liquid suspension smetanopodobnaya white. It can be painted (zakolerovana) in any color according to the customer using standard tinting machines or manual method. After the polymerization, forms a strong elastic film thickness which is selected based on the requirements for the object and may be from 1 to 3.5 mm. It has excellent adhesion to all common building and construction materials. It is applied to the surface of any geometrical shape. It has a lot of advantages over traditional insulating materials. Is a multi-functional, environmentally friendly, replaces conventional façade or interior paint.