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Nimbuzz 2 9 Portable Download Torrent

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Nimbuzz 2 9 Portable Download Torrent

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Nimbuzz is an old instant messaging platform that focuses on all calls connect various social networks, but currently only supports Facebook and former Google Talk (which replaced the city).

In the early days of instant messagingNimbuzz reminscint user’s MSN Messenger with osnovnointerfejsand a limited set of features. First, application tool like instant messaging with cross-platform, which runs on mobile devices and Windows desktop and Macs.De appheeft clearly had a lot of love lately, because the PC version lags behind other messaging services, such as telegramViber, VhatsApp and recently launched web. These functions are limited to sending text messages to friends on Nimbuzz (if you know someone using the services), and Facebook Chat (maybe hanging support will come soon, who knows). If you want to spice up this porukeMožete emociiili drag and drop to addmultimedia content such as photos, audio and video.Als buying on credit can also access low cost mobile phones and phone lines. The cost of this service is very competitive. Call US for mobilnitelefon in Spain, for example, costs $ per minute. This is similarof Skype-Pau-as-IOU-Go fee of $

Do not forget Nimbuzz chat rooms reminiscent of the early days of messages from your chat feature: You can pridružitisvaka chat room or create your own and add your friends. these may be razgovorsobiuse private or public zijn.De, also has a cozy lines to buy their games, and in the application of labels, Dieje (for real money) through its N-world space community.

The remains of the time, unless you have a lot of friends that there is no reason to use Nimbuzzzoshtoyou need to download the application. In the past its usefulness: it allows you to chat with your friends from different instantmessaging platforms in one place. But the world has moved from emails and these platforms are mostly gone. Unfortunately Nimbuzz is firmly in the past.

Nimbuzz 2 9

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