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Comodo Dragon 43 64 Bit torrent

Seeds 16 Peers 26 Health

Comodo Dragon 43 64 Bit torrent

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Comodo Dragon is based on a powerful browser code Chromium Google Chrome are included. Fast, dynamic and has many features for surfing online more;

First priority: Online segurtasunComodo January just a simple «copy» is more than Chrome. A feature is very useful when there are plenty of opportunities and security. During installation, for example, the Comodo SecureDNS option provides a web browser that is safe and allows you to restrict access to areas of high risk.

TheWebInspector browser tool online service that monitors security and Privdog, block ads, cookies, trackers and third party gadgets.

In addition, Comodo Dragon is the Media Downloader to download videos online for free, and features for sharing the web to your Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn information described.

Also, it has interesting features for content online and share. You can select text, then drag and drop it into the box at the start of Google Search, Google Images, Google Translate, YouTube, or Wikipedia. Links and content on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google Plus, LinkedIn, or the ability to share you, just drag and drop browser arabera.Google left as Chrome, Comodo Dragon process separately for each section, including tag administration and this village a review for websites visited most, as well as the option to create meetings browsing privately. Comodo Dragon also supports installing extensions like him;

DiseinuaBere Elegant terms of use, Comodo Dragon is not very different from Chrome. simpleand elegant design of dark tones. On the other hand, seems to be harder than the Google browser.

Tools menu appears on the left (not right as Chrome) is located. To the bar, located Privdog, WebInspector, the Share, you can find;

Chrome, but it gives, LikeSustatzailearen slogan until now, Comodo Dragon has kept its promise «Chrome Edition safer and faster.».

Browser is fast, but more importantly, it is very careful when it comes to privacy and security networks. plugins already installed is very effective, and blocking malware and other online sites Comodo SecureDNS incredibly useful for threatening risk.

Comodo Dragon is a Browser perfect you something a little more modern than Google Chrome if you’re looking for in terms of features. Wantsmore one when security is suitable for surfing;

Comodo Dragon 43

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